Math Cuajungco, Ph.D., receives the 2019 CSUPERB Faculty Research Award

"To support his lab’s research, Math has been highly successful in obtaining several major research grants from federal agencies including NSF and NIH. Additionally, Math has been an exceptional research mentor. His mentees include not only the students in his lab but also dozens of undergraduate students from the 'Research Careers Preparatory' program, the MARC program and HHMI and Bridges to Stem Cell Research programs."

-The CSUPERB Selection Committee

Researchers Study Protein to Understand Genetic Disease

Student researchers are working alongside Cal State Fullerton neuroscientist Math P. Cuajungco this summer contributing to advances into the mysteries of a rare inherited disorder that affects the brain, eyes and stomach. - See more at: CSUF News Center

"This discovery provides a novel explanation of how a zinc imbalance occurs in ML-IV cells and how the disease kills the cells..."

Statistician Selected as a National Fellow by Mathematics Peers

Dr. Sam Behseta
Cal State Fullerton mathematics professor Sam Behseta has been selected as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association. The accolade is given to individuals who have an established reputation and have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of statistical science. - See more at: CSUF News Center

"It opens up more opportunities for networking with fellow researchers in my area, and also shows that we can do a remarkable job in training and mentoring undergraduates in the area of statistics and mathematics."

Faculty Can Seek a 'Research Pot of Gold' at April 25 Event

Research Pot of Gold
Faculty members from across the campus are invited to "find your research Pot of Gold" — perhaps in collaboration with someone from a different department — Tuesday, April 25, during Research Festival Day, sponsored by the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects, and the Faculty Development Center. See more at: CSUF News Service

Collaborator highlights: Dr. Archana J. McEligot and Drs. Mitra & Dr. Gofman

CSUF wins $1 million grant for big data

Harman C., Dr. McEligot, Dr. Cuajungco
Cal State Fullerton recently received a $1 million research training grant from the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities for the development of a new five-year big-data science program at the university.

The program, “Big Data Discovery and Diversity Through Research Education Advancement and Partnerships,” will introduce and train students in the emerging field of big-data science, said CSUF professor of health science Archana McEligot, director and principal investigator of the program. - See more at: The Orange County Register

"It really is a complicated field because it’s not just about the amount of data... It’s about how you access the data, how you store the data and analyze the data. "


Big Data Discovery & Diversity

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Dr. Archana McEligot 


Program Administrative Analyst
Mary Aboud

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