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Dr. Archana McEligot

Trainer performing treatment on leg.
Dr. McEligot’s primary research interests include examination of the association between dietary intake and cancer control and prevention. Also, she is interested in assessing the relationship between dietary circulating biomarkers in blood such as folate and carotenoids in conjunction with genetic polymorphisms on cancer risk. Dr. McEligot is passionate about her research. She is the first awardee at CSUF to receive the prestigious National Cancer Institutes Career Development Award investigating the interaction between DNA repair genes and diet on breast cancer risk. The findings of this study will help further explore not only diet, but also the role of diet and genes on breast cancer risk and survival. - See more at: The Health Promotion Research Institute

Dr. Math P. Cuajungco

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Dr. Cuajungco's research includes: Molecular, structural and cellular biology of transient receptor potential (TRP) ion channels (Mucolipin subfamily); Transmembrane proteins: TMEM163, TMEM176A, and TMEM176B; Zinc neurobiology and zinc transporters; Metallobiology of Alzheimer's disease. - See more at: Biological Science

Dr. Sam Behseta

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Dr. Behseta is a statistician with research interests in Bayesian statistics, statistics in neuroscience, modeling education data, foundations and history of statistics, statistics education, probabilistic watermarking, and biostatistics. - See more at: Dr. Behseta's Home Page

Dr. Laura Chandler

Health and Human Development
Dr. Chandler's research focusing on the role of fitness assessments in motivation for physical activity among college students showed that contrary to their wide use, fitness assessments, in some, may actually lead to a decrease in motivation to exercise. Additional work regarding college students includes her role as co-PI on a USDA grant to promote nutrition education and better prepare diverse students to work in the field of nutrition and obesity prevention. Findings from this project indicate a significant increase in students’ knowledge, self-efficacy and likelihood to pursue these careers compared to a comparison group. Her latest publication focuses on the process of assessing need and the development of a health and wellness smartphone application. - See more at: Department of Health Science

Dr. Sinjini Mitra

Dr. Mitra's research interests are: Data mining and Business Analytics, Statistical modeling and inference, Time series analysis and forecasting, and Data mining and statistical applications in Education research. - See more at: Dept. of Information Systems and Decision Sciences

Dr. Shana Charles

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Dr. Charles's research focuses on discontinuous health insurance, particularly among low-income children, and its impact on access to care, and underinsurance among those with coverage. She also specializes in political issues surrounding health care reform at both the state and the national levels. Her most recent work includes an examination of the differences of access to care between Medi-Cal enrollees and those with private health insurance; an evaluation of the availability of job-based coverage following the first wave of the Great Recession; and a new conceptual framework of underinsurance that includes access to care. Dr. Charles regularly appears on numerous NPR and other talk radio programs to discuss health care reform issues and their impact, including Air Talk, Which Way L.A.?, The Pat Morrison Show, and Money 101. - See more at: Department of Health and Science

Dr. Pimbucha Rusmevichientong

Dr. Rusmevichientong's research interests primarily lie in the areas of applied microeconomics, experimental, behavioral and health economics, and more specifically, empirical analysis of behavioral health determinants, food demand system estimation and public policy on health outcome. In her research, Dr. Rusmevichientong applies economics concepts and quantitative research methods to understand real-world health situations particularly on obesity, malnutrition, smoking, impacts of food labeling, food advertising and anti-obesity advertising on eating behaviors, food calorie misperception, food policy intervention to improve health outcome via changing economic incentives or creating behavioral nudges. - See more at: Department of Health and Science


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