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Project Manager

Ruchika Narang

Ruchika Narang

Graduate Assistant

Elizabeth Marquez

Harman Chauhan

BD3REAP Administrative Analyst

Mary Aboud

Mary Aboud
Mary is responsible for administrative processes and serves as the budget analyst for the BD3REAP NIH grant. Mary retired in 2016 after serving as the Administrative Analyst and Graduate Admissions Coordinator for the Departments of Kinesiology and Health Science, California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) for 22 years. Mary attended Northern Illinois University and earned a BA in Sociology. In 2000 she completed her master's degree in Sociology, CSUF, and received awards for student retention and recruitment as well as the prestigious Outstanding Staff Employee Award. Mary spearheaded prospective graduate student advisement, completed faculty/GA/TA hires, academic schedules, graduate admissions and accreditation processes.

Digital Media

Gabriel Martinez

Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel has over ten years of experience in digital media from small business to international corporations. His specialties include branding and print publications. However, his newfound interest in mathematics has earned him an Associate of Science in Mathematics with Departmental Honors from Santiago Canyon College. He was a supplemental instruction leader for calculus courses, and he also tutored K-12 students in Common Core mathematics. Inspired by Stephen Hawking, Gabriel is fascinated by many aspects of the mathematical world, including applied mathematics. He is currently working under the GRAM mentorship of applied mathematician Dr. Laura Smith.


Big Data Discovery & Diversity

Program Director
Dr. Archana McEligot 


Program Administrative Analyst
Mary Aboud

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