Research Presentations and Publications

Dr. Sinjini Mitra has 2 papers in CJHP:

S. Mitra, A. McEligot. Can Multimedia tools promote big data learning and knowledge in a diverse undergraduate student population? Submitted to Californian Journal of Health Promotion (CJHP), Special Issue on “Data Science and Training".

P. Rusmevichientong, S. Mitra, E. Navajas*, A. McEligot. Do Diet Carbonated Soft Drinkers Have Higher Overall Diet Quality Than Sugar-Sweetened Counterparts? Evidence from What We Eat In America Survey Data, submitted to Californian Journal of Health Promotion (CJHP), Special Issue on “Data Science and Training". (*student author)

Dr. Math Cuajungco gave the following presentations:

CA Big Data Biomedical Workshop, Sep 15, 2017, Hyatt Huntington Beach, CA. (Chacon, Cornelious, Orozco)

CSUPERB 30th Annual Symposium, January 11-13, 2018, Santa Clara, CA. (Chacon)

Experimental Biology 2017, April 21-25, 2018, San Diego, CA. (Chacon)


Alexander Aguilar recently gave a presentation on research done on the HIV epidemics in Vietnam and the Philippines. He will also be presenting his research done on the association between body mass index and water consumption. With classmates, he collected data on water consumption and body mass index of over 100 females over 18 years old. He will be presenting research done with Dr. Parvin Shahrestani done on Drosophila melanogaster and how sexual dimorphism plays a part in their immune response.

Melissa Riddle presented on California State University Supplemental Instruction Symposium, webinar presentation 4/6/18, CSUF Biolunch (biology department presentations), oral presentation 3/5/18, BioMath Research Experience for Undergraduates research day, oral presentation 7/27/17, Dimensions Publications, Spring 2018, "Quantitative Trait Locus Mapping Identifies Candidate Fungal Resistance Genes in Drosophila melanogaster" "Relaxed Selection of Experimentally Evolved Drosophila Shows Transient Evolutionary Trade-Offs"

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