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Nayelie Benitez

Nayelie Benitez presenting.
Nayelie is scheduled to graduate with honors in Spring 2019 with her B.S. in Health Science and minor in gerontology. With the guidance of her mentors Dr. Behseta and Dr. Shahrestani, she is writing a journal article to publish the findings from research on the evolutionary trade-offs in D.Melanogaster. In the summer of 2018, she worked with USC Professor, Dr. Braskie, on risk factors amongst Mexican-Americans that increase their risk for Alzheimer's, such as diabetes. She recently got accepted into graduate programs to attend in the fall of 2019 at UCLA and Emory University for epidemiology. Her research interest includes working with big data to target diseases more prevalent in minority communities that are impacted by environmental exposures. She believes that BD3-REAP gave her a lot of the skills and knowledge to feel confident in attending graduate school straight out of undergraduate studies.


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